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And so ran the British Telecom’s advertisement with Bob Hoskins some years ago.  Truth is, it’s true.  Whether it’s just connecting with friends, processing difficult experiences, or running a business, it pays to express yourself, and listen…

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Here’s a special Doune.co Thought of the Month for the Festive Season.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Doune.co has a regular space for local people to contribute short 'Thought of the Month' articles.  Here, Val Morgan reflects on the near passing of a beautiful summer.

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By Val Morgan

So hands up if you’re shocked and outraged by the latest scandal highlighting the limitless greed and dishonesty of that one time peerless bedrock of Western Civilisation – the banking industry?

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Val Morgan

The recent burst of beautiful spring sunshine made me think about the perpetual motion of life around the village and the world in general. The Lolly Pop lady does her duties, the shops open and the passing traffic comes and goes relentlessly. Life never stops. Children play, birds sing. From moment to moment, day to day, life rolls on. Read more: Perpetual motion… stops


This time last year I was a big London complainer. My partner and I were both hamster-wheeling our own businesses, staring at computer screens for 12 hour days, six days a week, holidays were a relic of some dim and distant past. Read more: It could be worse. Jamie Hamilton


I met a woman and a man, both lost their legs when landmines exploded as they farmed their fields.  I met a young boy of 13 years called Rizigi who lived in darkness because he couldn’t get medicine during the war when he contracted River Blindness.  I met a lot of people living in hard times in South Sudan, the world’s newest country...

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