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Having gone live at the start of June Doune.co has now been live for its first month.  The Doune.co team are monitoring the progress of the site to allow us to develop the site to reflect how it is getting used.

As part of this process various statistics are produced.  Under the news section of the site we intend on publishing some of these statistics, monthly, to share how the site is progressing.

(Some technical details) As Doune.co is using the brand new .co domain this has meant a completely new registry with the search engines, this can mean it can take up to 6 months to fully register with Google, Bing etc., so all the figures so far are mostly reliant on direct referral site traffic.

Once the site registers fully with the search engines we will be expecting a lot more traffic from all other sources.

As the site develops we will publish more month’s statistics and more in-depth details. 

Thanks to everyone that has visited the site so far!!

Doune.co Monthly Statistics

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