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Contact Name: Anna Clark (Administrator, Kilmadock Windfarm Trust)
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Over the next 25 years, the communities of Kilmadock stand to benefit from almost £1 million. To receive money, local groups must apply for a share of the index-linked £36,000 that is available annually.  The application form is simple, and help is available from the administrator.  The process for assessing applications is fair and transparent, and the Windfarm Trust Board discusses each application in full before any decision is taken. Deadlines for applications are quarterly: end of February, May, August and November.


The following notes describe the purpose and process of the Trust grant system.

The aim of the Trust is to support any project that provides benefit to the community of Kilmadock.    In practice this might mean projects which are charitable, educational, community, environmental, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable development  and general community amenity schemes or projects, either capital or revenue. Other novel and imaginative projects will also be considered.

The Trust will consider applications from any organisation including clubs, schools, parent groups and community based or other similar organisations.  Normally such organisation would be based in the community but providing the benefit is for the community this may not be essential. If in doubt then please ask the Trust for further information or guidance.

Priority will be given by the Trust to projects where more appropriate funding sources might not
be available. The Trust is particularly keen to consider co-funding projects, particularly where acting as a co-funder may enable the release of other larger funding from elsewhere.  The Trust is unable to fund feasibility studies or other pre-funding works where commercial companies are involved.

The Windfarm Trust has been set up as an independent body and will be solely responsible for assessing applications and drawing up spending plans.  However, under the terms of the agreement with Airtricity there are a number of things which we cannot fund: promotion of any specific political or religious purpose; projects already funded through the public sector or that are against the interests of energy conservation or energy efficiency; or against the interests of the Operator, its shareholders or the Landowner; therefore all plans are subject to ratification by Airtricity and in some cases by the Landowner.
Projects may not be considered if they have traditionally been funded by other organisations, where that funding is still available.  Applications for funds that are already spent or committed may be rejected.

The Trust will receive a sum of money to allocate annually.  It will consider applications every 3 months (see current timetable overleaf) and will endeavour to allocate funds equally over the year.   Please note however the Trust is more likely to be able to allocate funds to larger projects at the beginning of the annual cycle.  In the event that there is not sufficient grant left in any one year the Trust may be able to part fund a project in one year with completion the following year or may hold applications over to the following funding year.   Multi-year projects can be considered.

Any award will be subject to the “Conditions of Award” set out overleaf and you will be required to submit a completion report and provide receipts for the money you have spent.  The Trust will be entitled to reclaim any grant which has not been spent or which it considers has been wrongly used. 

The Application Form attached is intended for modest single year projects (under £3000, although this limit is to be at the discretion of the Trust). It must be completed in full and sent either electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on paper to:

Kilmadock Windfarm Trust, c/o 52 Main Street, Doune, FK16 6BW

Applicants for larger and multi-year projects should complete the application form as an initial approach and summary of your project but will need to complete a more detailed application form before your project can be considered.   
Application Forms are available from Kilmadock Information Centre, Doune Library and Deanston Post Office.  It is also available on line

Decisions on grants to be made quarterly as follows:

Application deadline    Target for Announcement of decision
End August    Mid October
End Nov        Mid January
End Feb        Mid April
End May       Mid July

Conditions of Award

  1. Monitoring:You must submit a project completion report within 3 months of the completion of your project, to include copies of all receipts. For multi-year projects we will need a monitoring report to be submitted prior to each additional payment being made.
  2. Any money not used for your project must be returned to the Trust within 3 months of the completion of your project.
  3. Should your organisation fail within 5 years of the award, any assets purchased with the award must be returned to the Trust for re-allocation.
  4. The Trust shall be entitled to reclaim any funds that it considers have been wrongly used.
  5. It is the responsibility of your organisation to ensure that assets bought with the award are properly insured.
  6. Grants are awarded on a one-off basis and you should not assume that a further grant will be made unless stated.
  7. Publicity for your project should acknowledge the source of the funding. Handprints

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